Amy Rose

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Bright and cheerful, and ever-optomistic, Amy Rose will always work to get what she wants, or who she wants. Forever Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend, Amy is always seen either tagging along behind Sonic, daydreaming about one day marrying Sonic, or being saved by her one and only blue hero, that's right, Sonic the Hedgehog! But Amy Rose is more than just a pretty face. With her mighty PicoPico hammer, she can whap even the toughest badguy into submission. While coming off as an annoyance, it's true Amy really cares for Sonic, and in the opinion of many of the Blue Blur's fans, he too shares a softspot for the pink hedgie.

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Amy has changed drastically since her first appearance as the young naive ggirl in Conic CD, who was captured by Metal Sonic and then rescued by Sonic. She fell in love with her blue hero, and soon became a major character in the Sonic Team universe. Some may disapprove of Amy's undeniable obsession, "Sonic, this time there's no escape from marrying me!" (Sonic Heroes) but Amy is, if anything, a strong willed woman who will get what she wants at any cost; with an attraction so large it may very well crush Sonic!

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